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Dentique Orofacial Care has set up its dental clinic with the aim of bringing the highest standards of dental care to Lucknow. It has been modeled on the dental treatment provided in the United States. Although there are several reasons why this clinic is considered the best dental clinic in Lucknow, some of them are mentioned below:

  • It is Lucknow’s 1st and North India’s 3rd clinic to have this most advanced technology from Care Stream Dental. 

  • It is the only dental clinic that has a team of highly experienced dentists, each one a specialist in a different branch of dentistry. For example, an endodontist is a specialist in RCTs, crowns, fillings, smile designing, etc., while an orthodontist is a specialist in smile correction using braces, aligners, etc. Similarly, a maxillofacial surgeon is a specialist in treating fractures, tooth removal, etc. Therefore, the treatment results become much more predictable and reliable.

About Us

At Dentique Orofacial Care, our aim is to keep you smiling. We achieve this by assisting you in finding and booking appointments with the best dentists in Lucknow. To make things even easier, we provide you with their contact numbers, addresses, fee structures, and even a map of how to reach them! With Dentique Orofacial Care, the most renowned dentists in Lucknow are just a click away from you!

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Crafting beautiful smiles at our Lucknow Dental Clinic.

Have you been looking for a dental clinic in Lucknow where your needs as a patient come first? A clinic that is so comfortable and inviting, you might forget you are visiting the dentist? A place where you never have to wait, never feel rushed, and where you are absolutely the only patient getting the doctor’s attention? You just found it at Dentique Orofacial Care!

Under the leadership of Dr. Kritika Verma (MDS), our goal is to provide you with the highest quality dental care using the latest techniques and cutting-edge equipment.

Our philosophy is that dental treatment should be gentle and minimally invasive for the patient. At Dentique Orofacial Care, patients receive comprehensive care from experienced dentists and well-trained staff. For this reason, our patients consider Dentique Orofacial Care the best dental clinic in Lucknow.

We know that you have high standards when it comes to your smile, and we meet them with care that is tailored to your specific preferences and expectations.

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Finding the Best Dental Surgeon in Lucknow

Oral health is an important part of our well-being. An irksome wisdom tooth or a broken jaw needs equal attention as may be an irritable bowel needs. When it comes to zeroing in on the right dental surgeon, you should be careful enough to study the background of several dentists before settling for one of their services. There is no dearth of dentists in Lucknow. However, you should be duly aware of the fact that not all of them can be regarded as qualified dental surgeons who can treat your problems without leaving any room for complaint.

Finding the Best Dental Specialist

So, how exactly can you find the best dental surgeon? Your regular dental clinic in Lucknow will recommend the surgeon to you. Find out why your regular dental clinic is recommending this specialist. What is the surgeon’s experience like? What does their track record say about their skills? What are their specialties? You can never settle for anything less than the services of a top dental specialist if you’re not asking the right questions and securing the right answers. Additionally, seek personal recommendations from friends, relatives, and other trusted sources to find the right professional.

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Bringing life to your smile!

For a relaxed and unique dental experience, coupled with the highest standard of dental treatment and care, look no further than us.

Why We are the Best Dental Clinic in Lucknow?

Dentique Orofacial Care is recognized as the best dental clinic in Lucknow for the following reasons:

Dentique Orofacial Care  provides personalized care and treatment that is focused on the elimination of the root cause of any dental problem that patients are experiencing.

We are equipped with the latest technology thereby making the treatment process pain free. We have the most advanced dental equipment coupled with state of the art sterilization facilities and laboratories.

Dentique Orofacial Care  follows the international standards for every specialty that exists within dentistry and adopts only a specialized approach to dentistry. We believe in delivering top quality Dentistry at the most affordable pricing.

We stand in every means to deliver you the best in the world of dentistry.

To be the preferred dental care service provider in every neighborhood across Lucknow by offering high quality Oral and overall healthcare, ethically. Dentique Orofacial Care  offers comprehensive oral healthcare services, the latest equipment & sterilization protocols, and utilizes the advanced pain-management technology to provide affordable healthcare of the highest quality.

To establish itself as the best dental practice in Lucknow, Dentique Orofacial Care  adheres to the highest standards in clinic safety and hygiene, with a constant focus on ethics and transparency.

Dentique Orofacial Care Best Dental Hospital in Lucknow

Get your smile back and enjoy life more. Dentique Orofacial Care hospital is the best multi speciality dental hospital situated in Aliganj, Lucknow, and is owned by Dr. Kritika Verma, who in addition to being a GOLD Medallist in BDS curriculum, also has received awards at national levels. She is one of the best dentist in Lucknow. She has an exceptional acumen in treating thepatients and her academic records and achievements are a testimony to the same.

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