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A dentist is a trained and qualified doctor who treats all the teeth related conditions such asgingivitis, periodontitis, bad breath, tooth decay, oral cancer, mouth sores, tooth erosion, tooth sensitivity, toothache, unattractive smile and dental emergency. At Dentique Orofacial Care, you can find best dentists who are experienced in all minor and major surgeries such as dental implants, root canal, facial trauma, reconstructive and cosmetic surgery, corrective jaw surgery as well. Book online appointment and consult with top dentist now.

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A dental surgeon is a specialist whose practice is in the field of dentistry. A dentist or a dental surgeon is a doctor who is specialized in diagnosing, preventing, and treating problems related to oral cavity (teeth and jawbones). A dentist is a trained and qualified doctor who treats all the teeth related conditions such as teeth pain, gum care, Bad Breath, tooth decay, gum diseases, mouth sores, fever blisters or cold sores, Stained Teeth, Cavities, Chipped Tooth, impacted teeth, cracked tooth, Tooth Sensitivity, toothache, gingivitis, periodontitis, oral cancer, mouth sores, tooth erosion, tooth sensitivity, crooked teeth, gap between teeth, unattractive smile, Wisdom Teeth Problem, and dental emergency, etc. Patients can consult online with dentists for non emergency dental problems, dentist advice, for the second opinion of a dentist, and for follow-ups cases.

When to consult online with a dental surgeon-

Patients should have to consult a dentist when they have the following signs and symptoms like Whitish or chalky patches in the teeth surface, Bleeding gums, Bad breath, Grayish-white plaque buildup on the teeth, small and black pit on the tooth surface.

Dentistry Services in lucknow

  • Braces Treatment
  • Cherubism Treatment
  • Chipped Teeth Treatment
  • Complete Partial Dentures Fixing
  • Composite tooth filling Treatment
  • Composite Veneers Procedure
  • Conservative Dentistry Treatment
  • Cracked Teeth Treatment
  • Cross Bite Treatment
  •  Crowded Teeth Correction Treatment
  • Crowns Fixing Treatment
  •  Crowns Procedure
  • Dental Invisible Braces Treatment
  •  Delayed Tooth
  • Formation Treatment
  • Dental Abrasion Treatment
  • Dental Abscess Treatment
  •  Dental Braces Fixing
  • Dental Calculus Treatment
  •  Dental Caries Treatment
  •  Dental Cavities Treatment
  •  Dental Ceramics Treatment
  •  Dental Fillings Treatment
  •  Dental Fluorosis Treatment
  •  Dental Implant Procedure
  •  Dental Implant Treatment
  •  Dental Implants Fixing Treatment
  • Dental Laminates Procedure
  •  Distraction Osteogenesis Treatment
  •  Endodontist

  • Fissure Sealant Procedure
  • Fixed Prosthesis Procedure
  •  Flap Surgery
  •  Flexible Complete Denture Treatment
  •  Flexible Partial Denture Treatment
  •  Fluoride Therapy
  •  Forensic Dentist
  •  Forensic Odontology Treatment
  •  Full Denture Treatment
  •  Gap Closing Treatment
  • General Dental Checkup
  •  Impacted Teeth surgery
  •  Implant Prosthesis Treatment
  •  Implantologist
  •  Implantology Treatment
  • Implants Procedure
  • invisible braces treatment
  •  Invisible Orthodontic Treatment
  • Laser Dentistry Services
  • Laser Depigmentation Treatment
  •  Tooth Discoloration Treatment
  • Tooth Decay Treatment
  •  Malocclusion Treatment
  •  Misaligned Teeth Treatment
  •  Missing teeth Treatment
  •  Swollen Gums Treatment
  •  Painless Root Canal Treatment
  •  Pediatric Dentist
  •  Restorative Fillings Treatment
  • Periodontal Disease Treatment
  •  Periodontal Flap Surgery
  • Alveolectomy Procedure
  • Amalgam Removal Treatment
  • Artificial Teeth Treatment
  • Bad Breath Problem treatment
  •  Bleeding Gum Treatment
  •  Bone Grafting Teeth Procedure
  •  Laser Gum Surgery
  •  Lingual Orthodontics Treatment
  •  Treatment of Sensitive Teeth
  •  Toothache Treatment
  •  Toothache Remedies Treatment
  •  Tooth Worm Treatment
  •  Tooth Sensitivity Treatment
  •  Tooth Extraction Treatment
  •  Tooth Erosion Treatment
  •  Maxillo Facial Prosthodontics Service

  • MDS Surgeon
  • Metal Braces Fixing
  • Tender Gums Treatment
  •  Temporomandibular Joint Treatment
  •  Minimally Invasive Dentistry Facility
  •  Minimally Invasive Urology
  • Temporal Mandibular Dysfunction Treatment
  •  Teeth Whitening Facility
  •  Teeth Straightening Facility
  •  Teeth Sensitivity Treatment
  •  Misaligned Jaw Treatment
  •  Mucogingival Surgery Facility
  •  Teeth Jewellery
  •  Surgical Tooth Extraction Treatment
  •  Smile Makeovers Treatment
  • Oral Surgery Procedures
  • Periodontal Plastic Surgery Treatment
  •  Periodontist Treatment
  •  Pyorrhoea Treatment
  •  Pillar Procedure
  •  Prophylaxis Service
  •  Pit Sealant Procedure
  •  Abnormal Tooth Color Treatment
  •  Abnormally Shaped Teeth Treatment
  •  acrylic dental prosthesis Treatment
  •  Acrylic Partial Denture Procedure
  •  Acrylic Treatment
  •  Zirconia Crowns Treatment
  •  Wisdom Teeth Removal Procedure
  •  Widely Spaced Teeth Treatment
  • Cast Partial Denture Treatment
  • Cavity Test
  • Ceramic Crown Treatment
  • Ceramic Dental Braces Treatment
  • Ceramic Veneers Procedure
  • Dental Oral Cleaning
  • Dental Plaque Treatment
  • Dental Prosthetic Treatment
  • Dental Restoration Treatment
  • Dental Scaling Procedure
  • Dental Screening Service
  • Discolored Tooth Restoration Treatment
  • Gingivitis Treatment
  • Gingivoplasty Laser Treatment
  • Gum Disease Treatment
  • Hidden Braces Teeth Treatment
  • Jaw Ache Treatment
  • Jaw Orthopedic Services
  • Jaw Reshaping Surgery
  • Obturator Fixing Treatment
  • Occlusual Therapy Treatment
  •  Oral Cleaning Treatment
  •  Oral Implants Treatment
  •  Oral Lesions Screening Treatment
  •  Oral Maxillofacial Prosthetician Procedure
  •  Oral Maxillofacial Surgery Treatment
  •  Oral Medicine Radiology Treatment
  •  Oral Prophylaxis Treatment
  •  Orofacial Pain Specialist
  •  Orthodontic Correction Treatment
  •  Orthodontic Specialist

  • Orthodontic Treatment
  • Orthodontist Doctor
  •  Root Canal Treatment
  •  Root Canal Therapy
  •  Root Canal Microscopic Treatment
  • Paedodontics Treatment
  • Painful Teething Treatment
  •  Double Chin Treatment
  •  Broken teeth Treatment
  •  Bridges Fixing Treatment
  •  Bridge Procedure
  •  Aesthetic Dentistry Procedure
  •  Acrylic Denture Treatment
  •  Crowns Fixing procedure
  • Dental Implatnts Procedure

Frequently Asked Questions about dental-surgeon and related Diseases


1. Why should you visit a dental surgeon?
2. What are the signs and symptoms of the dental problem?
3. What causes dental diseases?
4. What is gum disease?
5. What causes dental cavities?
6. What is a root canal treatment?
7.What is a dental implant?
8. How can you consult the best dental surgeon through

Best Dentists near me | Book an online dental consultation at Dentique Orofacial Care

Dentique Orofacial Care offers some of the best online dental consultation services in lucknow to help you take care of your complete oral hygiene need.

Good dental habits are key for sound oral health. These include doing regular dental check-ups, brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing, and rinsing your mouth after consuming beverages, and changing your toothbrush every three to four.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, it is highly recommended to avoid visiting dental clinics and instead booking online dental appointments. The prolonged pandemic has made it difficult for most to go outside for doctor appointments. Switch to online medical care as much possible in order to stay safe.

Why should I book an appointment with a dentist?

Dentists are there to help you maintain good dental health by preventing tooth decay, mouth odour, gum problems and keeping your teeth healthy for years to come. Bad dental health can potentially raise your risk of grave health issues including oral cancer, heart attack, heart block, stroke, and diabetes. If and when that happens, doctors usually advise to get a tooth extraction or an appropriate tooth decay treatment. An online dental consultation on Dentique Orofacial Care will help you access quality oral hygiene guidance.

On the Dentique Orofacial Care, we have dentists who offer top quality family dental care. You can search ‘best dental doctor near me’ or ‘best dental clinic near me’ and find the top dentists with ease.

What do dental specialists treat?

A host of oral health conditions are treated by dental specialists, or dental doctors, including -

Bad breath (mouth odour) - Also known as halitosis, bad breath is caused by poor oral health, or by some illnesses, or unhealthy lifestyle patterns like not brushing and flossing properly every day. These bad habits cause food to get stuck in your mouth and lead to bacterial growth in your mouth which in turn causes mouth odour.

Bad breath can also be caused by dental cavity. If such is the case, cavity filling will be the solution for you. In case your cavity is in a seriously bad shape, you may have to seek advice from a root canal specialist to treat the problem.

Tooth pain : Tooth pain is mostly a result of tooth decay also called dental caries, infection, or injury. 

Being largely invisible, it becomes difficult to identify the root cause of the problem, which makes the situation tricky. However, dental cavity can also lead to your tooth pain.

Gum problems : Inflammation or swelling of gums is often due to build-up of plaque on your teeth. If you leave it untreated for long, it may result in tooth loss. If the case gets more complicated, you may be asked to go for a tooth extraction. If you are noticing any signs or symptoms, by all means book an online dental consultation.

Other conditions : The area of expertise for dentists is not limited to teeth;they also deal with the following as part of advanced dental care :

  • Jaw
  • Tongue (disorders like geographic tongue and plaque build-up)
  •  Salivary glands
  •  Muscles of the head and neck
  •  Nervous system of the head and neck

The course of a complete dental check-up by a dentist includes looking for discolouration, ulcers, facial swellings, and lumps. You can also go for aesthetic dental care like laser teeth whitening, dental braces, or restorative dentistry by visiting a cosmetic dental clinic. For all your needs consult our dental experts on Dentique Orofacial Care's online platform. Moreover, you can also get the ‘best paediatric dentist near me’ in case your child is experiencing tooth distress, for instant medical help and care.

Frequently Asked Questions on Dentists

1. When should I go to the dentist?
2. What are some signs I should see a dentist?
3. What are some habits to maintain dental health?