Dental implants are fixed & natural-looking solutions for missing teeth. Many people want to know how to find the best and affordable dental implant treatment options nearby. We at Dentiquecare Dental Implant Clinic Lucknow will help you to find out the best solution & varieties of options available to go to a dental implant procedure. So if you or your loved one needs to replace the missing teeth with dental implants and worry about its high cost then you can visit at Dentiquecare Dental Implant Clinic Lucknow we hope you can find your dental implant solution here, which makes you feel inexpensive and pocket-friendly.

What are dental implants?

A dental implant is a surgical attachment that takes place into the jaw in the place of missing teeth and allows fusing with the bone. Therefore, At Dentiquecare dental & implant center in Lucknow, we replace tooth roots with dental implants. And also replaces damaged teeth or missing teeth with the artificial one which functions like real.

The dental implant is the replacement of the root of a missing tooth. However, Implants can develop gingivitis and bone loss just the same as natural teeth. So, brushing and flossing are very essential. At Dentiquecare Dental & implant center in Lucknow, Only certified Implantologist usually perform dental implants. Therefore, Implant dentistry improves the quality of life for everyone with missing teeth and wearing dentures. As a result, it allows them to smile and chew with ease.

Implant placement procedure

  1. Dentist Consultation: At Dentiquecare Dental Implant Clinic Lucknow our expert dental implant surgeon will first examine your oral condition with x rays, OPG, or CBCT & will take your medical history to confirm you are the right candidate for a dental implant.
  2. After the Discussion of the procedure, costing & dates & medical reports check up your implant procedure surgery will be planned.
  3. Extraction of any grossly or damaged teeth if required.
  4. Sinus lift surgery & bone grafting (if required).
  5. Implant placement & suture given which is left for 10-12 days for healing, internal healing takes 3-4 months.
  6. Sometimes we place the abutment at the same time or else after 3-4 month of implant surgery, & place a temporary crown (if required).
  7. After satisfactory osteointegration Dental impressions for the creation of tooth crown followed by placement crown. The whole process depends upon the condition & location, type & number of Implant placed.

All these skillful procedures are dealt with extreme care and gentleness At Dentiquecare Dental Implant Clinic Lucknow.

Various treatment modalities of Implants are

  • Single tooth Replacements
  • Multiple tooth Replacements
  • Full Mouth Rehabilitation ( All on four Dental Implants)
  • Full Mouth Rehabilitation (FPD with 6-8 Dental Implants)
  • Keyhole Flapless surgery
  • Immediate implant placement
  • Immediate loading with-in 3 days

Why do you need a dental implant?

Dental implants replace single or multiple teeth. So Dentiquecare dental implant hospital in Lucknow aims to restore function as well as aesthetics. However, Dental implants surgically take place in your jawbone. Because the implants contain titanium which fuses with your jaw bone. However, the implants won’t slip or damage. Also, the materials can’t decay like your own teeth.

Dentiquecare Dental Implant Clinic in Lucknow, we place dental implants only if you have:

  • One or more than one missing teeth
  •  A jawbone reaches its full growth.
  • Healthy oral tissues.
  •  Unable to have dentures.
  •  Want to improve your smile and speech.
  • Say no to tobacco.