Unfortunately not everyone is blessed with a perfect set of teeth, many people are born with teeth that are crooked, misaligned . Oftentimes people don't feel confident enough to smile. They hide their smile as much as they can. Solution to this problem is easier than you think, modern dentistry offers a variety of different ways that can fix misaligned teeth. 

Braces are a convenient way you can get your teeth straightened and aligned. 


Apart from straightening crooked and misaligned teeth braces are beneficial to maintain dental hygiene and oral health. You will be surprised to know how useful teeth braces can be. Take a look at some major merits of braces down below :

  1. PREVENTING GUM DISEASE - Braces are factually proven to prevent gum diseases such as Periodontics which is caused by poor oral hygiene often resulting in tooth loss. As braces have the power of straightening teeth food will not get caught between teeth that way a lot of gum problems can be avoided.
  2. COUNTER TOOTH DECAY - About 90% of adults ages 20 to 64 years have had decay in their teeth. Braces space your teeth better giving you the proper area to clean which in turn prevent the threat of tooth decay.
  3. PREVENTING CAVITIES - Cavities are caused by decay of the tooth,the plaque remains for a long time it can lead to even serious problems like holes in the teeth or dental abscesses (collection of pus at the end of teeth). Teeth braces can be of help to prevent cavities by giving your teeth proper spacing and cleaning advantage. 
  4. BETTER DIGESTION - A lesser known fact is that if you have misaligned,crooked teeth then it will be problematic to chew certain food and  for you to digest it. This is why braces can solve indigestion issues. 
  5. SAFETY FROM INJURIES - Braces can prevent injuries related to your teeth that can happen from sports accidents, car crashes etc. Keeping you safe from chipping/broken teeth. 
  6. SPEECH IMPROVEMENT - Did you know that our teeth can affect the way we sound/speak, if our teeth are crooked/misaligned it will make it difficult to pronounce certain words or make clear sounds. 


Braces have proven to be effective and have given positive results. Now with a variety of braces to choose from the individual just has to choose which one to go for. The following types of teeth braces are available :

  • METAL BRACES also known as  traditional  braces. These braces  are fixed braces that can be only  installed by a professional dentist. Metal braces are directly attached to the front of your teeth, it is made out of high quality stainless steel or titanium alloy. They are proven to a 100% functional and competent. This type of braces are scientifically proven to work between the of 10-14 at a stage where all the adult teeth have grown in. Although metal braces have a lot of advantages it comes with some disadvantages as well they can cause irritation make you feel uncomfortable at first,  they also come with list of restriction that have to be followed for example you can't eat certain foods that are sticky.
  • INVISIBLE BRACES - Modern dentistry equipment has made our life easier. With invisible braces you reap the joy of having a perfect smile without having to worry about the feel the discomfort or pain of installation as these type of braces can be put and removed by individuals themselves.   Invisalign is latest innovation  orthodontic tool that is invisible and clear can be customized accordingly. 
  • CERAMIC BRACES - are the perfect mixture of  metal and clear braces between the two as the brackets of these are made from ceramic material instead of metal, they can be clear or tooth-coloured. The benefits are that ceramic braces are strong and durable, less prone to damages making it extremely comfortable to wear and minimally noticeable. Besides all this it is capable of treating drastic orthodontic problems.
  • LINGUAL BRACES - widely known as hidden or incognito braces as they are attached from behind the teeth making it non-visible to other people. There isn't much difference between metal and lingual braces except for the fact lingual braces are placed behind the front teeth. Lets us know about the pros and cons of these type of braces starting with pros as it placed behind the teeth it does not change one’s appearance at all, in addition to that they are the most suitable for those who play musical instruments via mouth. Another is unlike metal braces these braces are not prone to calcification. Moving on to the cons of lingual braces they take a longer time to get the job done, require frequent visits to the dentists in order to tighten the wires. Patients have also complained that it takes is it harder to adjust to it, also problems like irritation in the tongue and speech difficulty have been experienced. 



Modern Dentistry has made a huge difference in the dental world. New techniques and practical solutions, whatever the problem may be, a dentist can give you an appropriate and effective solution for it. There are numerous options for teeth braces to choose from and the freedom of choosing is in your hands. All treatment method comes with its own pros and  cons. You can also get a dentist's consultation on which type of braces is best suitable to your problem. There's no fixed age for getting braces orthodontics believe in ‘its better late than never’.