National Children's Dental Health Month is in February! The American Dental Association (ADA) acknowledges and praises dental professionals as well as everyone who cares about children's health during the month of February. Take advantage of the chance to raise awareness about adolescent dental hygiene and explore how you can best encourage your children's dental treatment.

The purpose of National Children's Dental Health Month

On February 8, 1949, the American Dental Association established Children's Dental Health Day. In 1981, it was made a month-long memorial. Children's dental health is still promoted throughout February during National Children's Dental Hygiene Month, 40 years later (NCDHM). It is critical for the community to appreciate children's oral health awareness. The most frequent chronic pediatric condition is tooth decay. Continuing education campaigns and protection awareness will assist in motivating more adults and parents to realize the severity of oral health.


Promotes awareness of the significance of teaching children appropriate dental habits at a young age in order to ensure a lifespan of healthy smiles. Parents and teachers play an important role in promoting children's dental health this month and during the entire year. Work with health practitioners on specific issues to improve children's dental health, such as :

  • Decay of the teeth.
  • Bringing your child to the dentist's office and making them familiar with the environment.
  • Keeping your teeth from becoming crowded.
  • Gum health in later life.
  • You can have a happier and healthier mouth by practicing everyday oral care and attending the dentist at least 2 times a year for an oral checkup and professional cleanings. 
  • Creating a solid platform for your child from a young age will set up for long-term dental health.

How can you educate your children about National Dental Month?

Teaching oral health isn't as difficult as it may appear. Think of it as an addition of the hygiene routines you normally encourage, such as hand-washing. Here are five excellent ideas for keeping your kid’s teeth in great condition :

  • Encourage your children to brush their teeth at least twice a day.
  • Teach your children about our teeth and how they operate.
  • Show how to eat healthy and how refined sugars can harm your teeth.
  • Educate your children to make healthy choices, including drinking water rather than juices or fizzy drinks.
  • Teach your kids about dentists as well as how they help us maintain good oral health.


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Some of the most essential issues we can instill in our kids is dental hygiene. Unfortunately, for many parents, persuading their children to properly floss and brush their teeth is akin to... well, extracting teeth. But, if we want to keep our children's teeth from being extracted at a certain point in their life, we must teach them about appropriate dental hygiene.